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The Walking Wounded : Synopsis

My Role
Executive Producer
Sarah Tierney
Production Company
Clarity Productions
Ewan Angus
BBC Two Scotland
Transmission Date
9pm, 6th September 2009

Winner! - Bafta in Scotland 2011 Best Current Affairs

The Walking Wounded' wins ‘Best Documentary’ at Celtic Media Festival 2010.

Filmed over 8 months, “The Walking Wounded” takes an emotionally charged and uncompromising look at the experiences of young former soldiers as they adapt to civilian life.

26-year-old Graham is a classically trained pianist and first-class paratrooper. Within six months of leaving the military he’d become a heroin addict, sleeping rough in Glasgow. He now exists in a tiny high-rise flat, finding salvation in the works of Bach and Chopin, and hopes for a new home and new life…

38-year-old Chris from Nottinghamshire suffers from acute post-traumatic stress disorder following his tours of Bosnia and Gulf War I. A spiral of anger, drink and depression ended in the loss of his family, business and home, leaving him sleeping rough in London. Moving to Edinburgh with the promise of a new life, Chris enters a maze of benefit systems and Veterans charities…

29-year-old Trevor served in Gulf War II. He left the military five years ago but continues to have real anger issues. Unable to adapt to ‘civvy street’, Trevor is trapped in a cycle of criminal behaviour and court hearings. Trevor’s plea for help has been answered by a small Veterans drop-in centre near Glasgow: can they help him where all else has failed?